The Venopian Solitude

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Composer, lyricist, arranger, producer, vocalist, looping machine handler, colourful xylophonist, tambourine player, ukulele player, kazoo player, procrastinator.

Arranger, producer, sampler, synth player, ambience maker, percussionist, Ableton wizard, back up vocalist, ukulele player, experienced wooden frog master.

Arranger, producer, Xylosynth player(and most probably the ONLY owner of it in Malaysia), percussionist, occasional keyboardist, back up vocalist, drummer.

Guitarist, back up vocalist, senior life advisor, senior madam, kompang player, gamelan enthusiast.

Keytarist, keyboardist, bass synth player, occasional percussionist, back up vocalist, very nice bossman.

Exceptional percussionist, an even more exceptional clarinet player, human music sheet, human encyclopaedia.

A legendary guitar shredder, father figure, dad jokes, lived through 120 years of experience.


Occasional bassist, band technical engineer, occasional monitor engineer, kompang player, too many lame jokes.

Videographer, photographer, video editor, candid moment archiver.


The Venopian Solitude | 2018