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[#TVStoEURO] Fusion Festival, Berlin

  • Müritz Airpark Am Flugplatz Lärz, MV, 17248 Germany (map)

My goodness, we've heard so much about this(from one friend, we trust him) and apparently it's one of the biggest festivals in Berlin or Germany, one of those. Pardon our ignorance, we've been living very far away and our population cannot compare. Anyways.

The last leg of our tour, and it's freaking FUSION! Again, based on our research, it's HUGE. A bit scary for us but hay what are we but to get wrekt(nerve-wise) and then perform like lunatics! We hope to do so, as this is a festival they call 'holiday communism', so what that means is no one has the right to judge anyone, as long as you don't hurt people, both physically and their hearts.

Come enjoy the freedom and let us serenade your feeling of freedom!

The Venopian Solitude | 2019